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Holzeisen Legal provides thorough and reliable legal counsel in both litigation and non-litigation matters.

DDr. Renate Holzeisen


Experienced lawyer, auditor and tax advisor

Renate Holzeisen is among the select few lawyers in Italy who hold dual enrollment in both the Bar Association and the Chamber of Auditors and Certified Accountants. With esteemed expertise in the realms of tax and customs law, she has been entrusted with the successful defense of clients in tax and customs dispute proceedings, including criminal defense, for several decades. Her legal prowess extends to the highest courts, including the Court of Justice of the European Union. Renate Holzeisen, together with her dedicated team, provides comprehensive legal counsel to clients encompassing corporate, labor, contract, and pharmaceutical law. Fluent in German, Italian, and English, and equipped with a broad international network, Renate Holzeisen is adept at delivering effective solutions for complex international business matters.

Her guiding principle: "A holistic and prosperous entrepreneurial endeavor necessitates, alongside the recognition of the fundamental value of entrepreneurs and businesses and the consequent responsibility, especially towards employees, the steadfast and unwavering defense of the constitutionally safeguarded freedom of entrepreneurial activity against encroachments from authorities operating beyond the boundaries of the legal framework."

We provide personalised legal solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each of our clients.

Renate Holzeisen, Founder

Integration of Legal and Business Understanding

Bridging legal frameworks and language barriers.‚Äč

Expertise, regardless of language or location.

As intermediaries between different legal systems and languages, we bridge the gap and maintain strong connections with strategic partners to safeguard our clients' interests. Our strategic location in South Tyrol, combined with our multilingual approach, enables us to understand and confront the complex legal challenges faced by international companies operating in Europe. The fusion of legal and business expertise, encompassing both micro and macro perspectives, empowers us to provide our clients with sustainable counsel and solutions.The testament of enduring client relationships spanning decades serves as a testament to the unwavering sustainability of our endeavors.

Sustainable Strategies for Your Enterprise

Strategic Legal Support for Foreign Businesses.

Empowering Multinational Corporations to Navigate Italian Legal Complexities.

We understand the complex legal challenges that multinational corporations face in Italy. Our experienced attorneys develop tailored strategies that align with our clients' values, empowering them to navigate legal complexities with certainty. In the field of corporate law, Holzeisen Legal provides comprehensive services, including advisory and legal representation, encompassing associated criminal law aspects, at all levels of jurisdiction. Our defense services extend, if necessary, to the highest courts, including those of the European Union. Within the scope of EU legal consulting, Holzeisen Legal covers a wide range of legal domains, including tax and customs law, corporate law, labor law, and contract law.

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